Remote access is now offered through the following buttons:

Full button What is the full connection mode ?
Full mode offers transparent access to many Bank applications and sites as if you were in your office.
What are the requirements for the full connection mode?
Full mode can only be used through corporate laptops with reliable Internet connection (DSL, cable).
Light button What is the light connection mode ?
Light mode offers web-based access to certain Bank applications and sites via secured bookmarks.

What are the requirements for the light connection mode?
Light mode can be used from any computer. It is also better suited for slow Internet connections (dialup, mobile).

Please click on the relevant button depending on your authentication device and conditions.


Are there any differences between token and smartcard connections ?
No. The access only depends on the connection profile you select (full or light).

Where should I enter my credentials ?
Clicking on one of the connection profile buttons will lead you to the authentication page if applicable.

I need to access a specific connection profile. Which connection mode should I choose ?
You should select the full mode. Profile selection will be available after the authentication process.

I'm getting an error message when I try to connect. What should I do ?
Please reach the helpdesk to assist you or switch to the light connection mode.